Yoga ♥

I started yoga January 1st, 2015 as part of my focus on peace. Peace was the word I chose for 2015, The 30 days of yoga challenge by Yoga with Adriene got me started and soon I was addicted to the daily practice. 

I have written several blog posts about my experiences:

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august 2016

In 2016, I practiced yoga but not on a daily basis. I finally got myself back to a consistent daily routine at home in 2017 and my body and mind are much more connected again. 

I love to read articles and books about yoga and will continue to share book reviews on my blog. 

Wanderlust is an amazing book for learning more about yoga, check out my review: Wanderlust: Book Review with Excerpts.  

Yoga Bodies is a great inspiring book about many yogis and their experiences with their own practice.