Tuesday, August 30, 2016

September Challenges for Bullet Journaling

I love participating in Instagram challenges! I post my photos daily on instagram throughout the challenges and recently, I've also written wrap up style blog posts. I will do three recap posts soon about the challenges I did in August. 

These challenges are fun, a great way to connect with others, and to find inspiration. I will continue with the following 3 bullet journal related challenges in September. 

Plan with Me Challenge hosted by Jessice from prettypintsandpaper , Kim from tinyrayofsunshine,  Kara from boho.berry . This challenge is all about planners, which include bullet journals. 

Rock Your Handwriting hosted by Jessica at prettyprintsandpaper, Kara from boho.berry , Kim from tinyrayofsunshine and dee from decadethirty. I did this for the first time in August. The idea is to practice your handwriting while responding to the daily prompts. I created a few pages in my bullet journal just for this challenge. 

Doodle With Us in September  hosted by Alexandra from alexandra_plans and Christina from christina77star . Doodling is fun and relaxing. I use two pages in my bullet journal for these doodles. 

Do you like participating in Instagram challenges? Let me know which ones in the comments and don't forget to tell me your Instagram name!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Create Now! A Systematic Guide to Artistic Audacity ~ Book Review

If you have ever wished for a guide book that would walk you step by step through the process of any creative project, all the way to potentially selling your creations, this little book could be the answer. Reading this book felt like having a mentor, helping me figure out where to go next and giving me suggestions when I didn't feel great about my creations. 

Through a series of questions and answers, Create Now!, written by Marlo Johnson, guides the reader with encouragement and practical steps. For example, here is the very first step:

Step 1: Do you have any basic physical needs to take care of at this moment? 

a. No. I feel great! 
b. I could be better.
c. I feel horrible! 


a. Fantastic! Move on to Step 2. 
b. Do you need food, hydration, sleep, coffee, exercise, or something else? Fix what you can and then move on to step 2. 
c. Perhaps you have more important things to deal with right now. Take care of whatever needs you can and then start over when you're feeling better. 

Create Now! is divided into 4 phases. Phase 1 is "becoming a clear conduit", phase 2 "creating and completion", phase 3 "sharing your work", and phase 4 "receiving payment". 

As a small Etsy shop owner, this book has been very helpful already to me as I read through all the phases! Create Now! would be helpful to anyone who wants to be more creative and inspired in what they do. I am keeping my copy on my work table, right near the sewing machine!

You can find Create Now! by Marlo Johnson at:

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review from Raincoast Books. All opinions expressed are completely honest and my own, based on our personal experience. Your experience may differ. 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bullet Journal Inspiration on Instagram

I love bullet journaling and I love Instagram. Bring the two together and I am a very happy person! 

I find a lot of inspiration for my bullet journaling on Instagram. It was very difficult to choose only five, but here are the Instagram accounts I find most inspiring for bullet journaling. These are in no particular order...I love them all equally! 






If you want to read more about bullet journaling, check out my post: Bullet Journal ~ What It Is and How It Works

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You can find me on Instagram at lifeonisland. I use the hashtag #alexbulletjournal for all my bullet journal photos: 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

I Love Lists

Welcome to the 3rd edition of "I Love Lists"  

1. The Lunar Chronicles Colouring Book! You can download a sample page here

2. Do you believe in past lives? This article about past life regression therapy by Dr Christiane Northrup was fascinating to read. 

3. Kara at Boho Berry has the September prompts ready for the Plan With Me Challenge. I really enjoyed participating in July and August. She hosts these challenges with Jessica from Pretty Prints and Paper and Kim from Tiny Ray of Sunshine. 

4. This week I binged watched Broadchurch TV series with David Tennant on Netflix. Good crime show..and I love their accents. 

5. I drew the storybook bunny in my bullet journal because it was too cute not to. Tutorial found at Art Projects for Kids.  He is also doubling as an adorable blog post button ;) 

6. Crazy hair day at band camp was a challenge since I am not skilled at hairstyles, but we found a really fun creative alternative:

7. My new favourite vegan salad dressing is Oh She Glows Green Goddess Dressing. It is AMAZING with the make ahead salad jars I have been making. 

8. 10 Ted Talks you won't be able to stop thinking about. 

9. I survived one week of packing lunch for Celeste (band camp) and realized I don't like following someone else's menu plans, even if they are excellent. I will be creating my own instead. 

10. Funniest parenting tweets collected by the Huffington Post. 

11. 15 Facts about Stranger Things that will totally surprise you.

Have a great weekend ♥