Introducing Fairy, Princess and Dragon....!

I have decided in my new blog to not use our children's real I thought I would introduce their new blog names. I wasn't being very creative tonight, so it is pretty simple, their names reflect mostly their interests in books!
Fairy is the oldest, she is 10 years old and agreed to this name because she does enjoy stories about fairies, and lots of other themes too.
Princess is the youngest, she is 3 1/2 (and you can't forget to say the 1/2). I named her Princess because it is who she is...our little princess!
Dragon is our middle boy, he is almost 9 and he loves fantasy stories that include dragons.
Because reading is such a big part of our lives, I have added the book lists on the left for each of them. They could be a lot longer, but we'll keep them short and just update them to show the current favourites.