Handicrafts Saturdays

This morning we started our January handicraft project...a little late but, sometime, life gets in the way, lol! If you would like more information on handicrafts, check here. Personally, I much prefer taking the time to teach our children skills that they could use in the future.

We are making a rag quilt for our first project, since I have made them before, I thought it would be easier. Instructions for making a rag quilt can be found here.

Fairy is making a rag quilt for Nathalie, her doll and Dragon is making one for his puppy.

First, I taught them how to measure and plan out the fabrics they will use, figuring out how big they would like these blankets to be. These quilts will each be approximately 35 x 25 inches.

Next, I showed them how to safely use the rotary cutter and how to cut the squares of fabric. They both cut quite a few squares.

We will be continuing this project next Saturday. I hope you will come back to see our progress!