Handicraft Saturdays

After taking off last Saturday for the Winterfest, we worked on our rag quilts this morning.
Fairy sewed all her rows together. She did end up needing a bit of help from me because the fabric was a bit thicker than what she has worked with so far. The quilt is now put together. Next is the cutting. I explained to Fairy that this will take longer, but she can do little bit at a time whenever she would like. All that is needed is the quilt and a pair of scissors to make the little cuts at all the seams, without cutting the seam...a bit tricky but I know she can do it!

Dragon also worked on his rag quilt. We finished cutting all the squares needed. We will work on sewing them next Saturday.


  1. Very nice!! we're going to attempt these one day, and Michelle's fleece no-sew one. How did the crystals turn out?


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