Getting to know our mushers

After finishing our second Math Iditarod worksheet, we worked this morning on our mushers' biographies, gathering information from the Internet. On Thursday and Friday, we will be writing our biographies. I say we, because I am actually doing this along with Fairy and Dragon! It has been fun to read about each of our chosen racers. Below are some links for each person.

Fairy is cheering for Zoya DeNure bib #89 (as of Rainy Pass checkpoint in 82nd). She used to be a professional fashion model and now owns Crazy Dog Kennel . Zoya also has a blog "Zoya's Kennel Journal", which has updates and pictures.

Dragon is keeping track of Lance Mackey bib #6 (as of Rohn checkpoint in 1st, yeah!). He is a cancer survivor, and 4 times Yukon Quest winner (another dog sled race). Last year, he won the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod. He owns the Comeback Kennel . The site also has pictures from the race.

My pick is Rachael Scdoris bib #55 (as of Rainy Pass checkpoint in 85th). She is legally blind and running this race, which I think is just amazing!

Daddy's choice is Martin Buser bib #13 (as of Rohn checkpoint in 13th). His kennel is Happy Trails Kennel and he has won the Iditarod 4 times! His son, Rohn is also competing this year.

I have added links on the left side of my blog "Iditarod Links". These are the sites we use to get current standings and photos from the race.