Iditarod Race Celebration

We had a small celebration yesterday with our friends that also followed the Iditarod Race. We decorated cakes with marshmallows to look like igloos! I also had made some Iditarod Puppy Chow Mix. It was very simple to make, and quite addictive to eat!

Here is the recipe:

Iditarod Puppy Chow
2 small bags of white chocolate chips
2 bags of Bits and Bites snack (I used 1 Original Bits & Bites and 1 Honey Nut Crunch Cheerios Snack Mix)
1 handful crushed pretzels
1 cup of peanuts

Line a cookie sheet with foil or wax paper and spray with cooking spray.
Mix dry ingredients
Melt white chocolate chips in microwave, or on the stove top slowly
Pour chocolate over dry mix and combine
Spread in the prepared pan
Let is set, when hard and cooled, break into chunks.