St Patrick's Day Study

We just completed our Iditarod Study and we are now onto our St Patrick's Day Unit Study.

We started on Thursday by doing some Lucky Charms graphing! It was one of the activities from a Free Live and Learn PressLearn'N Folder, that can be found here. I decided to use the whole box of the Lucky Charms! The kids first predicted which shape they thought would have the most and the least, then they divided up each type of marshmallow in separate bowls. Next they counted each shape and recorded their findings in a bar graph. Finally, they were able to eat some too!

We are creating another lapbook for this theme, and learning a lot about this holiday and Ireland, and Irish fairy tales and legends. I have included a list books we are reading on the left side.

We are also in the middle of making a Pot of Gold game. I will post pictures when it is completed. Adrienne and Andre have been sewing felt shamrock shapes. Adrienne is finished and stuffed hers like a little pillow.

*Update: be sure to check out this post for photos of the completed St. Patrick's Day lapbook*