The Iditarod Week

The race is on and I have decided to turn this week into a "Unit Study" week for our homeschool. Everything we do will have an Iditarod theme!

We started today with some Iditarod Math problems. Fairy and Dragon practised addition, subtraction, multiplication and clock skills while solving problems related to the Jr. Iditarod. Every day we will do a new series of these Iditarod Math problems.

We logged in our race statistics and looked up their location on the map. We also compared the time spent at the checkpoint for each of our mushers.

Here are our choices:

Fairy picked Zoya DeNure #89

Dragon chose Lance Mackey #6

Daddy picked Martin Buser #13

and Mom chose Rachael Scdoris #55.

We will gather information on each of these mushers over the next two days, then put together a biography for each by the end of the week. Each has a very interesting and unique story!

I have planned a few other activities as well, and will add some more links and information about our chosen I hope you come and visit again!