A Wedding, a Move and a Challenge...

We spent this past weekend with our family, attending a going away party for my husband's sister that turned out to be a surprise marriage proposal and wedding all in one! It was an amazing day! I wish them both a safe move to the West Coast and a wonderful life together.
We started our second part of the move Tuesday. We had a safe four hour drive. I drove our car, with kids and guinea pigs and Daddy drove our rented U-Haul truck!
We have been very busy these last few days unpacking and catching up with family here.
An update on Our TV-free challenge week:
Being out of our home had its challenges, especially during the past weekend. We stayed at Daddy's Grandmother, who leaves the TV on for background noise...but since the weather was nice, I took the kids out for many walks! Since Tuesday, we had no TV plugged in until yesterday, and the kids played with their new neighborhood friends. We did plug in the Wii yesterday and they all played Guitar Hero together for about one hour or so. Princess did a lot better than I had thought, and she only watched 3 movies since we left our home last Thursday! As for me, I had been off the Internet since the April 15th and I was missing it, so when the Cable/Internet guy came and hooked everything up yesterday, I just had to re-connect!
I think we all did well during this challenge, but I am planning on participating next year again, when we won't be in the middle of a move!