Back to School in April

It has only been six days since we have moved in our new home but we have done a lot of work and are settling in nicely. So as much as it is fun to take a break, and we had to because of our move, it will be nice to have our school routine again. We all need it!
I am waiting to see when Daddy will be heading back to work, and that is when we will head back to "school". It might be as early as this Wednesday.
I will try taking a few pictures of our new learning area soon. We decided to keep it on the main floor, near the kitchen. Because it is on the main floor, and the first thing we see as we walk in, we wanted it to look nice and be useful too! We have set up a computer desk and three bookshelves. We were planning on purchasing a futon but found an amazing deal on a floor model leather couch and we will be enjoying having a nice sitting area to read together. The kitchen table is also there to do written work, and I picked up 2 clipboards (1 purple, 1 blue to stay with my colour-coding) if Dragon or Fairy rather sit on a comfortable chair instead of a wooden kitchen one.
I am planning on painting a small kids table that I have already to match the rest of our room, and using it for Princess.
When we have messy projects, we will have the choice of using the kitchen or heading to the basement or even outside!