Mystery Class Fun!

Next week will be the last clues given for the Mystery Class locations. Fairy and I had another fun afternoon working on the 10 locations today. We were a bit late because of the packing going on in our house...but we still got it done!

Here are our guesses:

Mystery Class #1 : Hokkaido Prefecture (Province), Japan
Mystery Class #2 : Walvis Bay, Namibia, Africa
Mystery Class #3: Bad Axe, Huron County, Michigan, USA or Caseville, Huron County, Michigan, USA
Mystery Class #4: Campina Grande, Paraiba, Brazil
Mystery Class #5: Svalbard, Norway
Mystery Class #6: Kuwait
Mystery Class #7: Rothera Station, Antarctica (but we did have 2 other guesses for this particular location, Villa Las Estretllas or Esperanza Station, all in Antarctica)
Mystery Class #8: Bonn or Cologne, Germany
Mystery Class #9: Beijing, China
Mystery Class #10: Lima Region, Peru

We both can't wait for this Friday for our final clues!