A Surprise Package, a Park and a Long Sunny Spring Walk...

After our morning of school work and our lunch, the kids and I walked to town. The walk is nice, about 3 km one way. We walked slowly, since Princess is not quite 4 yet, but she still made it just fine!

I had a registered parcel to pick up at the post office. I honestly had no clue who it could be from. I had a nice surprise when I saw it was from my mother! I was even more surprised when I opened it...She sent a little book filled with recipes from my childhood and 2 beautiful tea towels. She has sent some tea towels in the past, and they are so pretty, you don't even want to use them!

We stopped on the way back home at a playground. The kids really liked climbing this plane-looking structure. We also took a moment to look at the War Memorial Monument near the park.

After the park, we walked back home just in time for dinner...So the kids and I walked 6 kms today. They will be having a good sleep tonight! Honestly, we all enjoyed it and no one complained either.