Another Beautiful Afternoon...

The kids and I went for a bike ride yesterday. We just ventured out, not really knowing where we were going...but ended up at a waterfront park we had been before anyway! It was another beautiful day, on the way back the kids had slushies...and then, for them, the day turned out to be even better! The leftovers of a garage sale were at the end of a driveway with a big FREE sign on them. Fairy noticed some Barbies, and since Princess just started getting interested in them, I let her have a look...She found several princess ones, Belle, Snow White...and outfits for all them, even a prince! We think it's Beast... Dragon was pleased to find a light saber and a few Spiderwick MacDonald's toys! The best find I thought were a collection of finger puppets. The kids have a little theater already.
Anyway, it felt like Christmas to them! I just kept thinking of that person's garbage is another one's treasure! You can see their "stash" in the last picture.