Author Fiesta - Patricia Polacco Links

Fairy and I have been working on our Author Fiesta and enjoying it a lot too.
Fairy worked on the copy work suggested...and what a great quote it is (read it at the end of my post)! Fairy also filled out the author research form.
We were able to find all the information at two websites:
Wikipedia and Patricia We found out that there is a Meteor Festival on July 12 at the author's home in Union City, Michigan. It looks like it is about two and half hours from here. Fairy would love to go! We'll see...
On the author's site, there are colouring pages, quizzes on the books, bookmarks to print and a ton of information. Great site!
The kids and I also watched two of the books read by actors on BookPALS. The first title was "My Rotten Redheaded Older Brother" read by Melissa Gilbert, and the other one was "Thank you, Mr. Falker" read by Jane Kaczmarek. Both are great stories. Follow this link: books online.

"All of us have that "voice". It is where all inspired thoughts come from...but when you have electronic screens in front, of you, speaking that voice for DROWNS OUT THE VOICE! When I talk to children and aspiring writers, I always ask them to listen to the voice, turn off the T.V. and LISTEN...LISTEN...LISTEN." Patricia Polacco.