Just Noticed Something...

I just realized that since I have moved, my posts have all been about exploring the town or family stuff...besides the Author Fiesta we are participating in. Not a lot about school stuff.
Well, we have been doing school work in the mornings, we started back after our move, on April 29. It was a bit slow at first, just covering math. There were still many boxes to unpack and the excitement of the move was still very much there. We moved in on April 22.
Anyway, by the second week, we were back to doing the basics, math, english (grammar/writing), spelling, reading aloud. My main concern right now are those subjects. We would all like to be finish soon, and we will be, definitely before the end of June.
The kids and I enjoy learning about history, science and geography so we won't mind finishing those through the summer if we have to. I am planning on doing some review for math through the summer months as well, using little fun workbooks and games.
I am slowly planning for next school year too...Once I have all figured out, I will post about it!