More Math?

I was planning on doing some fun math games and reading math stories this summer, but I think we have already started!

I found this DVD at the library yesterday. Dragon, Princess and I watched it this morning, while Fairy was painting. It was really well done. Here is a link that explains more : Reading Rainbow "How Much is a Million?" .
I was expecting just the book to be read aloud, along with the illustrations. I haven't watched this PBS show before, so I didn't know how it worked. After the story, there was a visit to the Crayola Crayon Factory and to the Giants Stadium. The Giants Stadium talked about estimating, how they need to estimate the amount of food that will be serve, how many toilet paper rolls they will need for the 72 washrooms!
You can watch a sneak peak here. There is also a Parent/Teacher page with some extra ideas to go along with the book, check it out here and here.