Author Fiesta - Mem Fox

We have been reading Mem Fox's books and enjoying them. Princess and I read quite a few last week, while Dragon and Fairy were away. Princess can now recite "Where is the Green Sheep?", she really likes that one. I can't remember how many times I have read it to her!

Fairy, Dragon and I are interested in all the Australian animals. Their favourite titles so far are "Koala Lou", "Possum Magic" and "Hunwick's Egg". I thought we would do a bit more reading about these animals this week. I personally had never heard of a bandicoot, so we will all be learning!

Here are a few sites I have found so far. My kids like to colour, so the list includes colouring pages too.

Koala Creature Feature (National Geographic site, it has facts, photos, videos (you can see it climb a tree, and map)

Koala colouring page (also from National Geographic)

Bandicoot information page

Another Bandicoot page (from Enchanted Learning)

Bandicoot Video from YouTube

Ringtail Possum page

Kids down under page - this great page has links to other sites to learn more about Australia, its famous places, animals, recipes, etc...

We will also be working on our Author Fiesta Research Sheet from Author Fiesta. We will be sure to visit Mem Fox's website to learn more about the stories behind some of her stories and to find more about this author.

I have been reading her book "Reading Magic" and I think it should be a must-read for every parent.