Creating Our Own Zoo Map

Here is an idea that we will be trying out. I found it on The Crafty Crow, a great site with lots of craft activities contributed by creative people.
The Crafty Crow

We all enjoy maps here, and we have a collection of them. I have been collecting maps for a few years, finding National Geographic maps at thrift stores sometimes, or sending away for the free ones from tourist offices. I can relate to this post at Let's Explore blog, the part about keeping the maps as souvenirs! You can also find the post on Crafty Crow here. Dragon has always liked maps, and when we have gone to any place with a map, Disney World or a zoo, even a mall...he is the one holding the map the whole time!

Anyway, I thought the idea of creating our own zoo map is great. Click here if you'd like to do this little project too. I will post pictures of our finished work in a few days.