Great Geography Link

I found this website while reading the new Green Guide magazine from National Geographic. It is called "My Wonderful World". It is a National Geographic-led campaign to give kids more global knowledge. I think it is a great resource. It has different sections for kids, parents and educators. Under the parents' section, there are tips on how to include more geography learning for the kids, a student checklist of what children "should" know by 4th grade, 8th grade and 12th grade. You can also print a poster size world map. There is a section for games and cool stuff like a Virtual Tourism link, where you can see satellite images of famous places. You can listen to world music, learn more about Geocaching (we're still saving for our GPS!), and a trivia section. The games section is quite big, I am sure Dragon and Fairy will enjoy them. I have tried the Africa Adventure so far, and it was great. My next stop will be to check out the GeoBee Challenge.

Here is the link for this great resource: My Wonderful World . Have fun!