Space Study with Dragon

Dragon and I finished our space study that we started in February. It was a nice little study using the Usborne First Encyclopedia of Space and a workbook called Let's Discover Space.
We have both enjoyed learning more about space, planets, satellites, space missions, aliens....

Dragon enjoyed a few websites that were suggested from the Usborne book. Here are a few of his favourites:

*The ESA (European Space Agency) has a great kids website where you can learn more about space and print a Hipparcos globe or some satellites.

*The Tech Museum of Inovation has a Satellite Site where you can build your own satellite online. There are 3 different kinds and it also gives explanations as you are building.

*For fun, we also liked this Arthur site "Alien: Assembly Required" .

*Last is a BBC site "Your Travel Guide to the Solar System" where you can watch videos about each planet. I personally like this one because it is set up as a travel guide, with sections called "Reasons to Visit", "What to See", and "Local History".


  1. We just finished a unit on space too. It was great fun.


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