Zoo Maps

As mentioned in this post, the kids created their own zoo maps, after looking over a couple of real zoo maps. Princess even did her own. Here are a few pictures:
First, Princess ... the 2 "people" on the bottom right corner of her map are visiting the zoo! She added stickers of animals in the different parts of the zoo. She did do paths and added water for the dolphin to swim in, and some icebergs (those little blue spots) for the penguins!

Dragon's Zoo includes a fun park with rides. He even added restaurants and a hotel! There is even a shuttle bus that takes you from the zoo part to the fun ride park...he thought this one through!

Fairy had fun working on this little project too. She divided her zoo into different habitats, the Savannah, the Forest and the Arctic. She also added a couple of rides. She drew animals in their enclosures.