More Buskers Fun

We started out by visiting the Farmer's Market early this morning. Fairy picked a chocolate croissant, Dragon and Princess shared a pepperoni type sausage!
We were then off to the Buskers Festival for more fun entertainment. We saw three different shows and they were all wonderful!
First was a young woman doing tricks with fire. Princess didn't really like the fire but at the end of the day, she said this performer was her favourite!

She did tricks with a hula hoop that had fire:

She also used two chains with fire at the end of them, and at the end was blindfolded and wrists tied...

The next show was part clown part juggler. He also ate fire.

The last show we saw was a contortionist who can juggle, with fire or balls. He made his body pass through the opening in a squash racket and a tennis racket (that one with fire). For his finale, he balanced a running lawn mower on his chin! I am not sure where all these great street performers get all their ideas...but we had a great time being entertained by them!


  1. wouah ! je vois que tu occupes largement tes journées....
    gros bisous et à très bientôt.


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