Poetry Book with a Reading Theme

Fairy and I were searching through the poetry section at the library yesterday. She needed "something" for her audition at the theatre camp she is attending this week and next.

We found a lot of inspiration for her, and I found this really cute book called "Please Bury Me in the Library" by J. Patrick Lewis and illustrated by Kyle M. Stone. Going to the library is one of our favourite things to do, and it satisfies our thirst for books!

Here is one of the poems from the book:
Please Bury Me in the Library
by J. Patrick Lewis
Please bury me in the library
In the clean, well-lighted stacks
Of novels, History, Poetry,
Right next to the Paperbacks,
Where the Kids' Books dance
With True Romance
and the Dictionary dozes.
Please bury me in the library
With a dozen long-stemmed proses.
Way back by a rack of Magazines,
I won't be sad too often,
If they bury me in the library
With Bookworms in my coffin.