What I have learned about homeschooling in 13 words or less...

Makita at Twinkling Stars Family School is starting a weekly contest and I thought I would join in.

In the past 3 years that we have home schooled, I have learned many lessons, I am still learning and I imagined that I will be learning until my youngest child has moved out!

To say what I have learned so far in 13 words or less turned out to be a little tough, but here we go...

Reading aloud
Custom-made for us
Open minded

Patience is needed every day, some days I might need a lot and other days not as much, lol

Reading aloud to children of all ages is so important. We read a ton of books, the library is priceless.

Adaptable, being flexible about everything, and in particular schedule is so important with homeschooling. With a Daddy that works retail hours, we need to be flexible...if he is home on a Wednesday, then school is off that day and we will catch up on Saturday when he is working. Also being flexible to take a morning off if everyone is sick or extremely cranky!

Custom-made for us is especially true for curriculum. Some curriculum works just the way it is, but most times we have taken some of it and left some of it. I have also learned that sometimes the little unit studies that I put together based on the kids' interests work perfectly. Because they were "custom-made" for us.

Open-minded. Having an open mind makes things easier, I think. Being open to changes and new ideas...and so much more

Committed. I really believe that whoever is homeschooling their children needs to make a conscious commitment about it. Because on the tough days, having committed to homeschooling is what has kept me going!


  1. I'm so glad that you jumped in ... Your list is perfect!

  2. I must say, this blog actually makes me interested in home-school. Is it faster than regular school? Anyways, nice blog :p


  3. Alex - You won the inaugural Friday Freebie contest! Congratulations! :D

    Just email me the contact information for your favorite teacher store and your full name.

    My email is twinklingstar at mac dot com

    P.S. I think a 444 list is a great idea!


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