Sculpture Park at the Riverfront

We went for a walk to the riverfront yesterday. Daddy had the day off, so he joined us too! The kids and I had seen part of the Sculpture Park, but we wanted to see the other half. We still haven't seen all the sculptures this time...leaving some for another time!

Andre is pretending he is riding the horse...the sculpture is only the head of the horse!

We were surprised to find out that this path was part of the Trans Canada Trail! The Trans Canada Trail is a 21,500-kilometre recreational trail that goes through every province and territory, from the Atlantic to Pacific to Arctic Oceans! The kids and I walked part of it in Barrie last year

On our way back to our car, we walked by another interesting sculpture...a space ship! Then we stopped at the playground for a few minutes.


  1. Hey I recognise that playground! Well, not *that* playground specifically, but the kind of playground it is... they built one about 45 minutes from us - it's a "boundless playground", designed to be accessible & fun for kids with all kinds of disabilities. You probably already knew this, but I went "hey!" when I saw the pic and figured I'd mention it just in case you didn't. :-)

    Awesome sculpture things - I like the birds one in the center.


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