Spoiled Kitten?

This is a favourite spot for Clara and Fairy, they both love it! I interrupted her nap by taking the picture...sorry Clara!
Below is another favourite spot of this spoiled kitten. I keep telling Fairy that she can't be carrying that cat around all the time...

Dragon has his share of cuddles too. You can see their favourite spot, and this happens quite often. Clara likes to stretch her paws against him, for some weird reason, this is comfortable and she'll sleep like that until Dragon moves!


  1. Oh, she has grown! Such a sweet little thing, she'll be a beautiful cat. Too funny sleeping with Dragon there, only a cat can be comfortable anywhere.

  2. Kitten!! Awwww.... *melt* ....

    I have to warn ya - those furry little faces are kinda habit forming...

    *says the lady with six cats*

    She's so cute! One of ours is a calico with a similar name - Claire.


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