A little bit of art...

Just a little bit of art that we did this morning before our farm tour (see below!)...inspired by Jim Arnosky.
Fairy chose the dripping water sketch she saw in his book called "Drawing from Nature", reproduced it, and added colour to it. I wanted to keep them company, so I quickly picked one of the birds from "Crinkleroot's 25 Birds Every Child Should Know". Dragon chose a fish from the "Parrotfish and Sunken Ships" book. We all used a regular pencil to draw and watercolour pencils to paint. Princess painted a wood bird house, but it is not finished yet...


  1. Wonderful!! Great job, we plan on doing more next week for Author Fiesta.

  2. Great idea! I finally got my hands on some more Arnosky books. What treasures they are!

  3. Great drawings!! I've got some watercolor pencils but we haven't used them yet, I think we're going to dig them out today :)


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