Children's Fest and Art & Soul

The kids and I went to two different festivals yesterday and had a wonderful time at both!

The first one was Children's Fest at Children's Safety Village in Windsor. The Safety Village is a great place for children to learn the rules of the road and practice them. It is a small village just their size, with scaled-down buildings, railway tracks, all sorts of street signs...for them it's a whole lot of fun! Princess and Dragon were able to ride in a battery-powered car. Dragon drove and had to obey all the signs. Fairy wasn't too impressed because she was too tall to drive the she had to walk behind them with me. At the festival, we visited many interesting booths and watched a gymnastic demonstration.

The second festival we visited was the Art & Soul in Lasalle. The highlight was the fire truck! The kids had a chance to climb aboard the fire truck and learn a lot about the fireman's job. Dragon even had a personal tour around the truck, with the fireman pointing out and explaining many of the tools to him. All 3 of them tried on the fire suit! We also enjoyed looking at the tent that housed the high school art competition.


  1. Sure sounds like a fun day! My DH is the fire chief for our Community's volunteer fire department and he loves showing kids around the place.

  2. Dragon and Princess...did you stop for my extra-large double-double at Timmies??


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