Fist day back to a routine...somewhat!

I had planned to take this week very slowly, easing back into our home school routine. The start date was supposed to be yesterday, but we ended up helping out my cousin by looking after her two adorable little girls for the day (my kids were so pleased to have another day off, lol). Today, Daddy was home, so I knew school work would be minimal and a big bushel of local Roma tomatoes was also ready to prepare for sauce.

Now that the day is done, the tomato sauce is cooling off before going in the freezer in the morning, the children are sound asleep for the night, and Daddy is watching TV downstairs...I can look back and see that we had a productive day. Earlier...I wasn't so sure!

Fairy started her business math by choosing a name and creating a logo for her pet store. She also completed the first lesson in her Growing with Grammar. We read the introduction to the History Odyssey and organized the binder. Dragon worked on the clock unit by Math Mammoth, read 2 chapters from the Railway Children and answered the questions. Even Princess did her calendar work this morning! We also practiced the alphabet song and her letters. She had never showed any interest in letters before, so we are starting from the very beginning!

Considering that my hands were busy for most of the morning processing tomatoes, either peeling them or getting the seeds out or squeezing the extra juice out....I am amazed we managed to get anything done!

Tomorrow will be a lot more quiet and we will take a look at our science. We will be studying chemistry this year, and doing lots of experiments. We are all looking forward to that!