Horses and ... Apples!

Today we took part of the 15th Annual Essex County Farm Hiker Tour! It is a free event where you can visit a few different farms in the area. We chose to visit 2 this afternoon. The first one was Windsor Farms Equine Centre. We were able to tour the barns, see the horses, learn about their diet, and watch a riding demonstration. Dragon and Fairy were able to ride a horse!

Our second stop was at Nickels Orchards. It is a family owned farm of over 100 acres. They grow peaches, pears, apples, plums, green and red peppers. We even saw apricot trees there. We walked through a small section of their orchard. We also went through the packing shed where a guide explained how the apples get processed before they are shipped out. We brought home Gala apples, Golden Delicious apples, pears, plums, peppers, and peaches! The little pumpkins were from a road-side stand on our way home.


  1. WOW! What fun, you all must have had a wonderful day. Cambrie would love to have gone to learn about the horses. Apples trees are so nice when they are ready to pick!

  2. Hos lucky you are to be able to take advantage of that. My DD would so love to go visit a horse farm.

  3. Hey, that sounds like a wonderful day.


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