Spelling Practice with Bananagrams Game

We have been using this fun game to practice our spelling! It is similar to Scrabble, but the big difference is that each player works on his own words in front of him. I find that it can still be challenging because you still need to fit the words together. We have been playing with the help of a dictionary for now, and it has been easier for Dragon to come up with words and see the correct spelling in the dictionary.
Here is a link if you'd like to find out more about this fun game : Bananagrams.


  1. We have this game also, kid really enjoy playing it.

  2. Facebook also has a free, online version:


    The online version is fantastic! There are options for solo play (either a leisurely pace or a race against the clock) and players have the ability to challenge friends to a live game.

    I am a huge Scrabble fan, as well as a crossword puzzle enthusiast, and highly recommend this application to players of all ages!


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