Book Sharing Sunday

I saw an idea while reading blogs the other day that I thought I would "steal". Of course I don't have a cute little graphic to go with it, but I thought I could still do it anyway, and if you'd like to join me...that would be even more fun!
I have always a book or two on the go, novels, children literature, or even non-fiction.
The idea is to just open the book you are reading to a random page (or how about the page your bookmark is at?) and choose a sentence or two to share that you like.
You then just need to share that sentence, the title and author of the book. That's all!
Would you like to join me? Every Sunday, I will post mine. If you post one on your blog, just leave me a comment with your link.

Here is my first one:

"The he noticed the hard glint in the women's eyes and realized that while they might hold a babe or be busy tending a scraped arm, their own shields and spears were never far from reach." Eldest, Christopher Paolini.