City of Ember ~ the movie

Yesterday, we all went to see the City of Ember movie. I had just finished reading the book aloud to the kids and we decided to go and enjoy a night out.

The movie was good. We all liked seeing the actual city, the old buildings, even the clothes people have worn through generations. As it usually is, the movie is never as good as the book, and we were prepared for that. What we didn't understand is why they had to bring a "monster-size" mole type creature into the movie version, when there wasn't any of that in the book. Same goes for the giant moth! They also changed some of the main parts of the story, such as how the two main characters find the way out, but we all agreed that it was a good alternative anyway.

I am trying not to give away too much of the story, in case you go and see the movie!

I have often thought in the past that maybe if we read the book, we shouldn't bother watching the movie version, but I have now decided that we should keep doing both. We like to read and we like to watch movies, and all the conversations that are started because of the differences and adaptations are a lot of fun!

While I was searching for some pictures to add to my post of the movie, I found this site called City of Ember Underground isn't exactly from the movie, but has a lot of underground photos of many actual places that could remind you of the story. Especially this one from the Japanese storm water drain!


  1. I love to watch a movie of a book after we've read the book because it's usually a chance to remind them of what they would have missed if they hadn't read the book. :)

  2. I so agree with you! I am now reading the Twilight series and a movie is to be released next month. From the trailer... the actors don't look anything like what I pictured. We'll see. Certainly makes good topic for discussion, though, as you said.

  3. Anyone who is interested in playing along .... :D


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