Having fun and doing art together ~ "work in progress"

The kids and I took some time after dinner last night to "catch up" with each other. We put some music on and did art together. I had found some neat art books at the library in the afternoon. Dragon and I decided to try to draw an Aboriginal Rainbow Serpent, following the instructions from "Ralph Masiello's Dragon Drawing Book". According to this book, this serpent has been used as a symbol that bridges Australian Aboriginal people's Dreamtime and the real physical world. It connects earth to the heavens and the past to the future.

Fairy chose to continue on with her birds colour by number picture, choosing her own colours since we can't find the legend sheet! Princess spent most of the time singing, talking, and trying to write letters! Our serpents are not finished yet, but we will work on them again soon and I will share our colourful finished work.