My dark side....comes out at Halloween!

I have a confession to make...our favourite holiday is Halloween! We love decorating the house, dressing up, carving pumpkins, roasting pumpkin seeds, and everything about Halloween (the candies don't hurt either, lol). Carving pumpkins is always a fun family activity and even the times that we didn't take the time to carve them, the kids ended up drawing on them or decorating them anyway.

I came across this book at the library, while searching for more Halloween stories to read aloud. It isn't a "cute" pumpkin carving guide...but Halloween isn't supposed to be "cute", right?!
The book is based on a website called, and shows you how to make these scary pumpkins, even gives you the recipe to make fake blood! You can visit the website for pictures of pumpkin carving ideas. So far, our favourites from the book are the drowning-in-a-bag pumpkin, the roadkill-eating pumpkin, and the puking pumpkin. Those names should give you an idea of this fun book...


  1. LOL...our favourite holiday too!! We carved a throw-up pumpkin one year, it was so funny, This year I want to make the one in your pic, big pumpkin eating a smaller pumpkin lol.


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