One month report!

Wow! Already one month has gone by since the kids started public school. Time goes by very quickly!
Fairy is still enjoying going to school, but I have started hearing a little bit of comments. Mostly, she says that she gets bored, and that the things they do in class are too easy. Her teacher seems to focus a lot on Math, and not as much on Language Arts. This can easily be fixed at home, where we can pick up our Growing with Grammar and Story Starters, and continue working on these after school. Fairy has already said she would really like that! She also misses Geography and History. I do worry about her being bored at school, so I will keep on checking with her and we will try to cover more of those subjects at home. We had received a letter from the teacher explaining that September and October were for her to evaluate the students and review, so maybe things will get a bit more interesting soon for Fairy.
Dragon came home on Monday with an "informal report card". His teacher had filled out a chart showing the social and interaction levels of Dragon in class. Things like being courteous, polite, resolving conflicts, self-control, participating in class, etc.. He did really well and she even added a note that he seemed to enjoy school and had a great start. Dragon does say that school is easy as well for him, but doesn't complain of boredom. He has signed up to be part of the Eco team at the school, which, from what he tells me, helps with the recycling. He wants to sign up for other groups or teams too, so he is keeping track of that. We are pleased with how he seems to have fit in the public school environment so smoothly.
Finally, Princess. She is doing great too! We were not as worried about her, she is a complete social butterfly and adapts well to almost any situation. She went to a pumpkin patch with her class yesterday and had a great time. Having her at home on Mondays, Wednesdays, and some Fridays has been really special, just the two of us. We have been doing a lot of cooking (she likes to make soup with me), and a little bit of reading, but mostly just spending time together.


  1. That is so nice that you and Princess can finally share some one one one time together. She must love that, since with homeschooling it is often tough to find time alone with each child.

  2. I'm interested in talking to you more about how things are going with your kids in public school now. I'm not publicizing this yet, but we are planning on sending my daughter to a private school - possibly in January - and I'm concerned about boredom.

    Could you email me? drleeds at sbcglobal dot net



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