Preparing for NaNoWriMo

I have been getting myself ready for November. Honestly, I have never written anything in my entire life that was longer than a high school essay, and then, even that was in French and I'm sure I did the minimum amount allowed!
I am looking forward to this challenge and I am still positive about it. I think there is a huge difference between being told to write (by a teacher for example) and choosing to write.

I did think I could use some help in getting organized though, so I checked out a couple of books at the local library and I have been writing my notes while reading "Write Away" by Elizabeth George. Learning about designing my characters, thinking about the setting, plot, etc...doing my homework basically! I still don't really have any idea what my novel is going to be about or even what type, but I keep reading also that it's OK! I am leaning towards fantasy because that is what I enjoy the most. I shared my plans with the kids tonight at dinner, and asked them casually what genre they think my novel should be. Fairy said a murder story and Dragon said a horror one! I did mention to them that this challenge was available for them too, the NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program , but I didn't get the impression that they wanted to participate. There's still time...

I found a couple of links that might be helpful for this challenge and wanted to share.

The first one is a character analysis worksheet. Also, I have noticed the Snow Flake method mentioned a few times, it is one way of planning out and writing a novel. Finally, the Young Writers site has three great workbooks you can download.
*One more I forgot..."NaNo for the New and the Insane" a free download book by Lazette Gifford.

The last couple things that I will need in November...see below! Good thing I am still running and biking too!!!


  1. Good luck on your writing. It sounds exciting to be doing something so totally away from the normal everyday duties of life.

  2. I've thought about doing this myself but don't have a clue what I would write about... perhaps next year.

    I wish you luck!

  3. Aren't the Young Writer's Program work books great! Thanks for the links you've included here. I'm off to check them out.


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