Game Night

We don't have a designated game night, but it happens regularly at our house. This time I grabbed my camera, and took a few fun pictures (in b&w).
I love how I can see the personalities of my kids coming through these pictures. Playing board games always bring out the best (or worst) in my kids! Princess is all about the fun all the time, she is always full of smiles and funny faces, Fairy is pretty quiet, but has fun too, and Dragon takes the game very seriously...especially if he's losing!


  1. cute! I love the one with her tongue sticking out.

    I took it much too seriously. When the little neighbor boy I babysat was winning at Monopoly, I started to cheat. Now that's sad ..

  2. Hey Alex...the pictures are totally adorable! You've inspired me to try out the black and white this week and see what i can come up with!

  3. great shots of the kids ... they capture each one's personality and those special moments.



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