Procrastination...Reflections in b&w

Even though my NaNoWriMo word count is growing every day, I still find myself doing lots of other things...some might call it procrastination, some might just call it getting stuff done!
I think winter is finally making an appearance here, without the snow, but with the grey sky, the rain, and the colder winds. I haven't been feeling myself these last few days, and this morning I think I realized it is probably due to the weather. It is just blah!
On my to-do list was cleaning up the bookshelves, with the kids attending public school this year, we don't need as many of the books available all the time. We are still doing a little bit of afterschooling, and I knew I wanted to keep reference type books up here too, but a lot could be packed away for now, or moved to the basement. I found myself feeling sad this morning as I was sorting through all the curriculum, books, and projects that just might not happen this year. I know that some will get used, but it was still difficult to "say goodbye" to a good amount of those books. As much as everyone is doing well in the public school system, and I am so grateful for that, part of me will still be missing homeschooling, and no amount of afterschooling will replace that, I don't think.
Anyway, I hadn't planned on pouring my heart out like this, but I did want to share my messy picture from this morning, and what kept me from spending time with my NaNo writing!

The kids had a Wacky Hair Day at school today, they had a lot of fun deciding how they would do their hair this morning. Dragon can't stand having his hair spiked up, I lost track of how many times I have told him in the past that he should try it. No. He is the type to want his hair flat on top of his head! Anyway, he told me that we could try to spike up his hair for Wacky Hair's a little too short, but he was laughing the whole time. He said he looked like he had been electrocuted!

p.s. the pictures are in b&w, trying to keep up with my other November challenge. You can see more b&w pics at Sprintree Road.