I am trying to keep quiet...need to talk about Christmas presents. For Fairy in particular. She has been asking for a digital camera for almost a year now, and we will be trying to get her one for this Christmas.
I was thinking, that maybe some of you wonderful visitors might have some suggestions for me...She is 11, and usually very careful with her things, but we can't spend too much either.
She likes to use mine (Sony DSC-H2), but I think it's a bit too bulky for a young person. If she wants to take her camera along on a field trip for example, it would be nice to have one she can just tuck in her pocket...
Please leave a comment if you have a suggestion, thank you!


  1. The Sony Cybershots are nice. My daughter didn't like hers, but one of her friends has a newer one and it is better one. My daughter is 15, so she has pretty much taken over my camera's. We have a Nikon D40 which is a DSLR and a Canon PowerShot SD850 IS (which they don't make anymore). For her age though I think a pint and shoot is going to be a better option. The DSLR's are going to be harder for her to carry around. You can get sleeves/skins for the point and shoot cameras so if it gets bumped, it won't get scratched up.

  2. Thank you! I think a point and shoot will be easier to carry around too. I will have to check out the sleeves you are talking about. Thanks again.


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