When did that happen?

Princess came back from school today with the proofs of her school picture. I really don't know how the photographers manage to get the kids to give them such cheesy smiles. Fairy and Dragon were just as forced looking, lol. Anyway, my post wasn't about the quality of the photography, but to comment on my reaction when I first looked at her pictures. I thought she looked so much older...when did that happen? Our baby is not a baby anymore!
I had a harder time than the kids, adjusting to the three of them starting school. One of my cousins put it so clearly. She said, of course you would have a hard time, it's not just one kid that started school, like most parents have to deal with (unless you have twins, or triplets...) but all three children started at the same time. It's a big void!
One month later, though, I am happy to report that I am doing much better. And after giving this month for the children to adjust to their new routine, we have started adding some before and after school "stuff". Fairy does her Growing with Grammar in the morning, while Dragon does his Singapore Math. In the afternoon, when they come back, after a snack and some playtime, we planned a different subject for each day of the week. Subjects that they chose, World History, Canadian History, Pet Store Math, and Art.


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