Book Sharing Monday

We have read many more Christmas books this past week, and enjoyed all of them. It was hard to pick just one to share with you today!
The Cobweb Christmas is written by Shirley Climo and the one we found at the library is illustrated by Joe Lasker. The watercolours are beautiful and my kids especially liked the page with all the spiders...The story tells about the magic that happened long ago at Christmas time to an old lonely woman Tante, and how the tradition of tinsel came to be.
Here is a small part that we liked (hopefully you don't mind spiders too much...because they are the ones talking to Christkindel - Santa Claus in Germany).
""We're always swept away. Please, Christkindel, may we peek at Tante's tree?"
So Christkindel opened the cottage door a crack, just wide enough to let starlight in. For what harm could come from looking? "