Book Sharing Monday

One last holiday book before the new year!
We have been reading Kringle by Tony Abbott since the beginning of this month. We don't usually take this long to finish a chapter book, but I haven't been able to read regularly with my coughing and sore throat...and we all miss that so much!
We are catching up fast now that I feel better and so, even though Christmas is now done, I thought I would still share this wonderful book with you tonight.
Here is the description from, which explains the book so much better than I can..."Unlike the traditional Santa Claus myth, KRINGLE is a coming-of-age story about an orphan who becomes a force for good in a dark and violent time. It is a tale of fantasy, of goblins, elves, and flying reindeer -- and of a boy from the humblest beginnings who fulfills his destiny.Our tale begins in 500 A.D., when goblins kidnapped human children and set them to work in underground mines. Kringle is one such child.... until he discovers his mission - to free children from enslavement. His legend lives on today, as he travels the earth every Christmas Eve to quell the goblins once more."

Here is a very small part that I am sharing (it was quite difficult picking just one!):

"The elves are givers, Kringle. We all have a choice, you know. To give or take or to do nothing. Your father was a giver. He gave his life for the elves. He gave when he could have done nothing. He helped when he could have hidden away. Now you know what kind of man your father was." Tony Abbott


  1. (Just passing through, visiting from blog to blog) Hi! What a great idea!! Book Sharing Monday is a cool way to start the week of blogging. I read to my girls too! I am going to link your page to mine and start book sharing Mondays!! (Hope that's ok!)

  2. Of course it's ok Autumn! Welcome to Book Sharing Monday :)

  3. This is a great book! I emailed the author to tell him we really enjoyed it and that is would make a great movie. He emailed me back to tell me they were in talks to make it into a movie!


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