"So Don't! & See What Happens" ~ Book Sharing Monday

That is the title of a new children's picture book that just arrived in our mailbox! It is written by Sarah Leal and illustrated by Matt Boismier. It is the story of Madi who, just like many kids, doesn't feel like getting ready for school that day. The story takes an interesting turn when the mother, tired of nagging, tells her "So don't and see what happens" and so her brother and Madi don't!

My kids haven't experienced that feeling yet about going to school. It is still exciting for them, but they still could relate with the story! It's not as if they have always agreed with whatever I want them to do!!!

It turned out to be a fun story about responsibility. Another part I liked was the fact that the main character is in a wheel chair, but that it isn't part of the story line.

I do have to confess that the illustrator is a cousin of mine, but regardless, I think this book is wonderful, and the illustrations are fun, and match the story perfectly.

You can visit the author at her blog Cinnamon Freckles and the illustrator at Tooninator Art Blog.
Here is my favourite part...this time I am sharing an illustration instead...I just love the expressions in both the mom and Madi!


  1. Looks like a great book!

    I love your new regular feature (Monday Book Sharing)... I think you should promote it to others. You could have a little graphic (like the Sound Mind/Sound Mom book club) and others could also share a book on Mondays. I would!

    What do you think?


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