Photo of the Day ~ Dec. 13

Brought to you by .... Fairy!
** Updated tonight - I didn't have time to add much more this morning, besides the fact that Fairy took this photo of her cat Clara. That green little thing with the cat is her favourite toy. It is just a little stuffed Neopet from McDonalds. I honestly think she is confused about her identity. As someone commented on a previous post, she missed the "cat 101" class! This is what she loves to do with the toy: one of us "humans" will throw the toy and she runs after it. We all thought this was too funny and cute, so we used to go and get the toy for her and do it again, and again and again. Well, for the last few days, she now brings it back herself, in her mouth, drops it back down close to us, and just waits. She will play for a while doing this, running and fetching! Down the stairs is her favourite, she just flies down them, and runs back with the thing in her mouth...too cute! I have been trying to get a picture of her and as soon as I get one that isn't blurry, I will share!


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