Photo of the Day ~ December 6

We are out all day on Saturdays, because Fairy has a Tumbling & Trampoline class and since we only have one car, that means we are out for the day. We drive Dad to work in the morning and pick him up in the evening. We usually plan something to do on that day, even if it is just grocery shopping! Anyway, all that to say that I forgot to bring my camera along, and only took my picture of the day now. The Christmas tree is right behind my computer desk, so I thought I would share one of my favourite ornaments on it. It shows a picture of Fairy taken close to her first Christmas, in 1997. A wonderful memory of Christmas past!

I also wanted to share another one of Fairy's cat...taken last night. She went in the bath again, with Dragon. She just jumped right in! Really hard to take a picture of a wet cat though, she wouldn't stay still!


  1. I can't believe the cat jumped right into the water. Usually cats don't like water. Funny!

  2. HAHAHAHA. Oh that's priceless.

    Thanks for the book sharing :)

    This is a great little blog. I just spent alot of time going through the old posts rather than tackling a project I've got on my plate. Oops.

  3. Poor kitty looks miserable! But that is just so hilarious that she jumped right in. She obviously never took "Being a Cat: 101"


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