Snow Storm!

Here are more pictures from yesterday's snow storm...we are supposed to get more tomorrow!

The first one shows part of our backyard and the other side of the crescent we live on, more like a U than a crescent. The second is our back steps. I know the kids thought they would try sledding down those!

Doesn't our simple wreath look so nice with the snow on it?

Fairy helped me shovel in the morning. We don't have neighbours on the one side, and the wind was blowing the snow hard during the storm, you can see it all over the bricks of the house!

Can you guess what that is? If you said spider webs, you are right! I knew I left those up for a reason! Fairy and I thought it was so neat!


  1. We have gotten lots of snow too. lots of fun for the kids, but not for the shovelers.


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