Book Sharing Monday

With Fairy and Dragon back at school this morning, Princess and I are enjoying our day together, just the two of us.

I am sharing today one of her favourite stories. She has loved this story for the past two years (she is now 4 and 1/2). It is one of those stories that she never seems to get tired of, and enjoys both the story and the illustrations. We always stop at the page of the City of Geoppolis map (the first photo) and find where all the buildings are.
The book is " Katy and the Big Snow" written and illustrated by Virginia Lee Burton.
Here is a small part:
"When winter came
they put snow plows
on the big trucks
and changed Katy's bulldozer
for her snow plow.
But Katy was so big and strong
she had to stay home,
because there was not enough snow for her to plow."


  1. je vois que nous avons le même goût en matière de beaux livres....
    Une idée photo pour notre blog d'ailleur.

  2. love to join in on book sharing, have included the picture on my blog and will wait for Monday to join in xxx


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