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I mentioned taking the two days that Celeste is in school to focus on creative projects here. My intuition and "gut feeling" is telling me that it is what I need to do. And funny how I just happen to stumble onto this site which is an online book blogging group that will explore for the next 12 weeks the book "12 Secrets of Highly Creative Women" by Gail McMeekin.

I considered first just following the blog, but after listening to the pod cast, I knew I would do more than just follow, I would participate by posting once a week about my journey. I was completely certain once I searched and found the book at my local library's website!
The first secret is acknowledging your creative self. and the first post is supposed to be about where you are on the journey to your creative self.

I feel that I am at the doorstep, at the boarding gate, just putting my shoes on, or just starting the other words, I feel like I am at the beginning. Some people in my life would argue that I am already a creative person. It is true that I have done quite a few projects and enjoyed all of them. Scrapbooking, quilting, sewing different useful things for my children or for the house. Even during our busy homeschool years, I used to enjoy doing lapbooks with the children, or taking a few hours together to paint, experimenting with different medias. I also love playing with my camera, taking photos of everything and anything. This past November, I spent the month writing my first novel, challenging myself with the help of NaNoWriMo.
But I feel that I am only at the beginning because I have so much still to learn. I would love to explore more, trying to find and focus maybe on one particular creative outlet for myself.

To start this creative journey, I put together a Dreamboard, inspired by an idea I saw on StarShyne Productions blog. I haven't done many collages before, only a couple with my kids, but they are fun.


  1. hi alex. so glad you made the decision to participate! i too feel like i am just truly embarking on this journey (with my eyes and heart open), so i look forward to sharing this experience with you.

  2. I like your dream board, what stands out most is the word unstoppable (for me.)

    Another person who actually did NaNoWriMo! I can't tell you how many writing friends I have (and me) who cannot finish. Bravo.

    Starting this journey with a dream board is a good idea. Guess that's what I'm doing tomorrow afternoon...

  3. Yes, even just finished a novel is a HUGE accomplishment that puts you very far on this path, indeed.

    Imagine all the people who dream of writing and will never get past the idea of it.

    I hope you celebrated!

  4. You wrote a novel?! That's HUGE! I have never written one and am blown away. That's such a big deal. Wow. And I love your dreamboard, how did you get everything to blend in together so well? Love it!

  5. Your collage is beautiful! How wonderful to be at the beginning and feel it!

  6. So glad you joined the journey as well. Looking forward to sharing it with you. I love the colors in the collage, so warm and inviting :)

  7. Welcome, welcome to the bookclub and dreamboards, Alex! Lots of Earth Mother vibes and miracles to you as you take even more step on your Creative Path!

  8. Here's to exploring your creativity and to discovering new treasures!

    Your dreamboard is lovely. And you wrote a novel? I'm so excited to be sharing this journey with you :)

  9. Here's to following your intuition to this starting point, this beginning on the next great adventure. May it be full of joyful surprises. I'm so glad you're taking part!

  10. what a wonderful dreamboard. May everything on there eventuate for you :-)

  11. I have always thought that creative people have a harder life, because we continually begin again. We begin a new project, a new medium...all of course creative, but all new.

    So, here's to beginning again! I look forward to sharing with you!



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